Civil Litigation & Business Disputes

Civil Litigation & Business Disputes

What is Civil Litigation?

There may come a time when an interaction between two or more parties may result in a legal dispute in which one party seeks for a specific result or monetary damages. The parties will need to bring their case to court and let the judge or jury make a decision about the issue at hand. A civil litigation case is when the parties involved in the case are not pursuing criminal sanctions but a legal process to resolve a dispute.

Types of Civil Litigation

Civil litigation can range in cases from housing law, product liability lawsuits, labor and employment, environmental law, personal injury claims, intellectual property, landlord-tenant disputes, antitrust, medical malpractice, and worker’s compensation claims. One of the more complicated types of business disputes is dealing with breach of contract claims, unfair competition, and copyright and trademark infringement.

Business Disputes

Business disputes have to be taken very seriously as they can mean severe financial hardship or bankruptcy. To avoid burdensome legal action or prepare for civil litigation, it is important to know which disputes typically lead to litigation.
A few examples of business disputes include:

Rental Disputes

Rental disputes can arise in relation to payment, building improvements, and maintenance. Most businesses rent the commercial property of an individual or other businesses. They do so in prime locations where their businesses will tend to prosper. Thus, a rental dispute can emerge when a business is forced out of that location.

Supplier or Material Dispute

Supplier or Material Disputes take place when crucial supplies you need for your business do not arrive as expected or are delayed. This also happens when you receive the wrong products or the late product. When handled well and you win the dispute, it is possible to recoup the profit that you could have earned from your supplier, had the situation been handled properly.

Partner-Owner Disputes

It is unfortunate, but partner-owner disputes do happen. This happens when business co-owners do not see eye to eye anymore or cannot run the business together due to conflicts. Heading to court may be the only option left to help you determine the best way to resolve the dispute and save the partnership, or to find a win-win business dissolution method. In any way, partner-owner disputes are often complicated cases and required experienced legal counsel to come to determine the best course of action.

Customer Disputes

Client or customer disputes can sometimes result in litigation. Some clients or customers may end up dissatisfied with the services you provide or the products you sell. This is especially true in large transactions where the client or customer is another business.

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The Bennett Law Center has over 30 years of experience representing clients in business disputes and civil litigation. Whether you need help in pretrial hearings, depositions, trials, arbitrations, mediation, in local, state or federal court, we are committed to an outcome in your favor. It is important that your case is reviewed in a timely manner, and that you have proper representation on your side.

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