Who can be responsible for a Bar Fight?

There are many factors that can trigger a fight in a nightclub or a bar, and even more so when alcohol is the main drink of choice in these crowded places. Beyond the reason why a fight starts, the question is, who can be responsible for such an unpleasant situation like this?

The answer to this question depends on many factors, so the responsibility in such cases can be difficult to determine. First, the establishment’s owner has a legal responsibility to provide a safe environment for his clients and take the necessary measures to protect them from others who may be drunk or with an aggressive attitude. If the owner fails to provide adequate security and someone is injured, this person has the right to make a claim for the caused damages.

In the same way, one of the most common responses, when we talk about a bar fight, is often some of the customers who start an altercation; although the other person may be equally responsible, depending on the facts and circumstances that have led to this situation.

In other cases, it could happen that the security guard or bouncer becomes involved. Although he is doing his duty, he can be held liable if he uses excessive force, or is responsible for spreading the fight with more violence.

The laws that cover these situations can be complicated and difficult to understand, so it is best if you ever get involved in a bar fight, contact us and remember that you are entitled to receive monetary compensation for any possible damages caused or suffered.

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